Big Cheeses

Natale Caputo


Nat was born into the cheese business. From cutting and wrapping cheese at 12 to delivering cheese to local grocery stores at 18 to his current position as president. Besides being responsible for the entire operation, he has dedicated himself to promoting cheese 24 hours a day. Nat truly believes, “Cheese is a powerful tool. In the worst times, cheese can bring comfort. In good times, it’s the life of the party. Cheese brings a smile to any occasion.” He is proud of Caputo’s dedication to the craft and the organization’s ability to think outside the box to provide a service like none other.

Nat’s most consumed cheese is Parmigiano Reggiano… the “king of all cheeses.” He also has a guilty pleasure, Humboldt Fog from Cypress Grove Cheese, an award winning goat cheese. “It’s a work of art.”

Brett Piccioni

General Manager

A member of the Caputo family tree by marriage, Brett started in an entry-level position and absorbed every aspect of the business in a variety of departments until he finally ascended to the role of General Manager. He attributes Caputo’s success to a very simple notion: service, service, service. “Whether it is providing exceptional products at competitive prices, shipping within a few hours or providing technical assistance, we customize what we do for our customers.” Managing the daily operations of every department, Brett oversees providing that high level of service that has resulted in close relationships with many long-term customers. His go-to is Ciliegine fresh mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto.

Renzo Berardi

Sales Manager

A grand nephew of the founder, Renzo was also born with cheese in his blood. After acquiring a business degree, he quickly hooked up with Caputo. Renzo finds working closely with some of the most creative chefs and manufacturers in the industry very rewarding. Because doing so allows him to help create products that exceed their expectations. Renzo feels it’s the Caputo commitment to quality and tradition that makes them stand above the competition. His position allows him to make certain his team is continuously educating consumers about Caputo’s quality products and capabilities and then making sure they’re getting the best products and services to grow their businesses. His personal favorite is Monte Caputo, along with a nice glass of red, of course.

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